Secret Shopper Program

What is a secret shopping program? What can it do to help my business?

The following is information that may help you decide.

How does it work?

We meet with our clients to identify their company’s goals to determine what information their shopper will be on the lookout for.
Utilizing state of the art software, we design a customized shop template and schedule frequency to reach the desired goals.
Shoppers are sent to client locations to execute the program.
Client is provided with their own on-line dashboard reporting system which provides up to date information on mystery shops and trends.
We work with our client to monitor and modify the structure of their program to ensure optimum long-term results.

What is secret shopping?

Secret shopping is an industry that has been in existence for many years, offering real feedback from real people. It’s utilized by savvy business owners in order to understand how they are being perceived by their customers.

Is your business:

  • Meeting goals in the areas of customer service?
  • “Status-quo” or viewed as being innovative and fresh?
  • Culturally sensitive and aware?
  • Having issues that currently exist that need to be fixed and if so, how can a set of unbiased fresh “ears and eyes” help them to accomplish this?

Why should I do this?

The list goes on and on. Secret shopping is a strong tool to assist business owners in providing the proper training, incentives, recognition and support to their management and staff. Every business owner has their own reason for utilizing a secret shopping service.  Because Kūpaʻa Business Planners is a Hawaiian owned and locally based company, we take pride in personally working with our clients to create customized programs unique and meaningful to each business. Kūpaʻa uses state-of-the-art technology to capture and report detailed feedback to include important trends as well as critical issues that may need immediate attention.

Why partner with Kūpaʻa Business Planners?

Strong community connections along with the knowledge of our local and Hawaiian culture and language are assets that uniquely benefit our clients. Carefully handpicking our local shopper’s with backgrounds and experience to include marketing directors, college students, high-end concierge, stay-at-home parents, kumu hula & Hawaiian cultural advisors, law enforcement, first responders, business owners, government officials, tourism, hospitality, aviation, education and health industry professionals and corporate leaders is an important aspect to the success of our clients.

When is it done?

Frequency is determined by you, the client, based on the vision and goals you have for your business.

How much does it cost?

Cost is determined by frequency and/or scope of work and may include site visits, secret shoppers, shop form development & updates, shopper evaluations, travel, food/drink purchases, tax, gratuity, on-line dashboard tracking system, overall experience summary, recommendations for improvements and a quarterly client meeting.


Let us be a part of your ‘ohana and assist you in reaching your goals. Contact us today to schedule “talk story” time.